If you’ve been drinking, don’t rely on these tricks to sober you up

If you’ve been drinking, don’t rely on these tricks to sober you up

| Oct 26, 2020 | DUI Defense |

Myths and misinformation tend to surround alcohol use, and the same is true for those who want to sober up after having a few drinks. People will often offer up ideas or tell someone what they can do to quickly get sober so that they can drive home safely. 

If you’ve heard this type of “advice,” don’t listen to it. Here are a few things that people may recommend that won’t actually sober you up:

What does sober you up? Time. That’s all. Your sobriety will slowly build as the alcohol works its way through your system and your body metabolizes it. That’s all.

It is true that some of these sobriety “tricks” can help you feel less impaired. Coffee may wake you up due to the caffeine that’s in it. Since you are more awake, you may feel less intoxicated. The same is true for a cold shower. Water and food can certainly help how you feel the next day and help you avoid a hangover, and eating before you drink may impact how quickly you become drunk. But, again, eating or drinking water will not remove alcohol that is already in your system. 

Don’t rely on any tricks to get your blood alcohol content down to a legal level so that you can drive. Either hire someone to give you a ride, find a designated driver or just wait long enough that you are sober again. Pinning your hopes on anything else, such as a hot cup of coffee, just opens up the door for a DUI. If you’re facing charges, you do need to know what legal options you have. An experienced defense is necessary whenever you’re facing charges.